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Miten kirjoitan sähköpostin englanniksi?

Kirjoittanut: Rytkönen Claire on 30.11.2022 10:08

Tässä blogissa käsittelemme aina ajankohtaista aihetta: sähköpostin kirjoittaminen englanniksi. Miten aloitan englanninkielisen viestin, entä miten lopetan sen?

Vastapuolen kunnioittaminen on englannin kielisessä viestinnässä huomattavasti tärkeämpää kuin suomalaisessa. Kohteliaisuuteen liittyvät aiheet sekä tittelit ovatkin tärkeä osa englannin kielen oppimista ja englanninkielistä kommunikaatiota.

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Scared of using English on Social Media? 10 phrase packs to help you!

Kirjoittanut: Rytkönen Claire on 20.4.2021 10:54

Using social media in English is becoming more and more important in Finnish working life. Social media feeds in English are used in Finland to publicise events, reports, carry out positive marketing, open recruitment, and also interact and build networks nationally and internationally.

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Aiheet: English language, events, call to action, publications, social media, politically correct, reports, good news, promotions

Liven up your pronunciation

Kirjoittanut: Rytkönen Claire on 9.3.2021 12:19

A good way to make your English livelier and improve your public speaking skills is to emphasise the keywords in an English sentence. This will really make them stand out and sound far more fluent and close to native. This can be challenging for Finns who sometimes sound a little flat when speaking English. This is usually due to using Finnish stress patterns when speaking English. However just learning a little about English stress and putting a few points into practice can make a big difference.

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Aiheet: English language, English pronunciation, wordstress, StandOut, Make a good impression, Be more fluent

English pronunciation can feel like chaos...

Kirjoittanut: Rytkönen Claire on 11.2.2021 12:15

In English ”scene, scheme, and scenario” are three very common business words. Unfortunately, they also have a very tricky pronunciation pattern. Over the years I have heard many otherwise fluent Finns come unstuck on the horror trinity of ”scene, scheme, and scenario”. However, help is at hand if some key pronunciation rules are followed…

English pronunciation can indeed feel like chaos – but don’t despair, there is some method in the madness!
Let Galimatias show you how…

You don´t speak like this, do you? Click here...

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The new vocabulary of the COVID-19 pandemic.

Kirjoittanut: Rytkönen Claire on 11.9.2020 11:16

The coronavirus pandemic has brought not only serious disruption and change to countries across the world but also a new range of terminology to help describe the disease and its effects.The epidemic will not be under control until there is at least a working vaccine. In this blog you have the chance to revise your English vocabulary related to this current matter.

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Aiheet: English, English language, covid-19, korona, pandemic vocabulary

If you can´t say anything nice, don´t say anything at all? – Navigating political correctness in English

Kirjoittanut: Darryl Stafford on 15.11.2019 8:58

If you have been following the news from the Anglosphere (the English-speaking world) you may have noticed how often discussions around the topic of political correctness are coming up. Political correctness can be defined as, ‘the avoidance of forms of expression or action that are perceived to exclude (reject, keep out), marginalize (treat as insignificant), or insult groups of people who are socially disadvantaged or discriminated against’1

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