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Rytkönen Claire

English language professional, Head of English at Galimatias

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Kirjoittanut: Rytkönen Claire on 19.6.2019 17:59

Just before the holidays we would like to take a last chance to boost your English. Perhaps you will also use English  over the summer, travelling for pleasure or business, or in between the breaks at a summer cottage?

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Don´t be rude - politeness in English

Kirjoittanut: Rytkönen Claire on 17.9.2018 12:08

Finnish writing style can be very direct with expressions such as: ”Do please remember to...”;”Do it properly” or ”On time”. But what if you send a business email in English to someone who doesn’t understand Finnish style? Is there a risk that you are unintentionally being rude - impolite in English, even if you add a please? 

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How to choose the correct Business English style

Kirjoittanut: Rytkönen Claire on 22.2.2018 16:12

Rule of thumb : French for the head and German for the heart!

Choosing low familiar style or high formal style English can make a big difference in business - depending on which audience you are targeting. Terms have come to represent high style and official use, while Germanic origin terms have a more informal and emotional effect. Official and legal documents use more French origin terms. Those creating emotional content such as the media, advertisers, and artists use more Germanic vocabulary to maximise impact.

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Polite Conversation - 8 Key Tactics to Improve your Skills

Kirjoittanut: Rytkönen Claire on 11.12.2017 12:46

Sometimes it’s difficult to find something to talk about with foreign guests. You are responsible for dealing with them and you must create a good impression but how do you entertain them and look after them ? Most importantly how do you keep the conversation flowing ?

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Pronunciation: How to avoid rally driver intonation?

Kirjoittanut: Rytkönen Claire on 7.11.2017 15:41

Stress patterns are one of the key features in creating a natural sounding English speaking voice. The variable stress pattern of English can often prove challenging for Finnish speakers who are used to the regular first syllable stress of Finnish. Here are some tips for improving your pronunciation. 

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The History of English: Formal / Informal language

Kirjoittanut: Rytkönen Claire on 12.9.2017 8:22

The English language spoken today is a fusion of many different roots – French, German, Old Norse, Latin, Celtic and Greek, not to mention the many words borrowed from all over the former British Empire. 

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