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Rytkönen Claire

English language professional, Head of English at Galimatias

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Understanding the US election

Kirjoittanut: Rytkönen Claire on 29.10.2020 20:53

On Tuesday, November 3 the United States will hold its elections. These will elect not only the president but also members of the Senate, the House of Representatives, thousands of state officials across the country and decide hundreds of local referendums.
The American electoral system differs from Finnish system in almost every single aspect and can be confusing.

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Showing care in your emails in the pandemic

Kirjoittanut: Rytkönen Claire on 20.10.2020 12:15

With the pandemic having such a strong influence on people’s lives all over the world, it can feel important to mention this in emails with international partners. You may feel that you wish to show your concern and good wishes towards your clients or colleagues when writing in English. How can you do this in a caring but also business like way?

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Aiheet: English, keep safe, take care, Yours from afar, see you soon, showing care, pandemic, keep in touch, keep well

The new vocabulary of the COVID-19 pandemic.

Kirjoittanut: Rytkönen Claire on 11.9.2020 11:16

The coronavirus pandemic has brought not only serious disruption and change to countries across the world but also a new range of terminology to help describe the disease and its effects.The epidemic will not be under control until there is at least a working vaccine. In this blog you have the chance to revise your English vocabulary related to this current matter.

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Aiheet: English, English language, covid-19, korona, pandemic vocabulary

Useful tips for videoconferences

Kirjoittanut: Rytkönen Claire on 31.8.2020 7:00

Although videoconferencing has shown steady growth over recent years the COVID-19 pandemic has vastly expanded its use. Daily users of Microsoft Teams have grown from 10 million at the end of 2019 to over 100 million in June 2020. Skype has also shown a notable upswing while Zoom has shown the strongest growth of all - from less than 10 million daily users to over 200 million daily users in the same period. At Galimatias we have already been using videoconferencing in language training for several years with very good learning results and client feedback. Here below we would like to share some useful hints for overcoming possible challenges in videoconferences in general and in English in particular.

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St Patrick´s Day and Irish culture and influence in business and the EU

Kirjoittanut: Rytkönen Claire on 17.3.2020 7:45

The 17th of March marks St Patrick’s Day, traditionally the day of the death of St Patrick (c. AD 385–461), the patron saint of Ireland. However, this day celebrates far more than an ancient saint. The day has evolved into a celebration of Ireland and its culture. Furthermore, Ireland has developed an ever increasingly important role in the English-speaking world, in the EU, and in international business.

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Aiheet: perinne, tradition, English-speaking world, EU, St Patrick´s Day, irish, brexit, international business, European Union, Ireland

St Valentine´s Day – the 14th of February

Kirjoittanut: Rytkönen Claire on 14.2.2020 9:06

The 14th of February (celebrated as ystävänpäivä in Finland) is known as Valentine’s Day in English speaking countries and is also marked in many other countries around the world.

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Aiheet: kielitaito, English, valentine´s day, ystävänpäivä, 14.2.

How to be on time?

Kirjoittanut: Rytkönen Claire on 20.11.2019 13:41

- Guidelines for good use of time expressions

Did you know that to “move something back” in English means to move it ahead, further away? How do you know for sure when your meeting will take place? Have a look at our blog and short animation and learn the secrets of time expressions in English in order to be on time.

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Break a leg - or how to survive a business meeting in English

Kirjoittanut: Rytkönen Claire on 25.9.2019 14:34

English idioms, just like English spelling, can be confusing. While idioms are great for giving your language more expressiveness and helping it flow more naturally, English idioms can often be illogical. By using a range of these idioms you can ensure your English is both more naturalistic and expressive. So, some care needs to be taken!

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Kirjoittanut: Rytkönen Claire on 19.6.2019 17:59

Just before the holidays we would like to take a last chance to boost your English. Perhaps you will also use English  over the summer, travelling for pleasure or business, or in between the breaks at a summer cottage?

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Aiheet: rallienglanti, English, englanti, kesäkurssi

Don´t be rude - politeness in English

Kirjoittanut: Rytkönen Claire on 17.9.2018 12:08

Finnish writing style can be very direct with expressions such as: ”Do please remember to...”;”Do it properly” or ”On time”. But what if you send a business email in English to someone who doesn’t understand Finnish style? Is there a risk that you are unintentionally being rude - impolite in English, even if you add a please? 

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