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In our training we pay attention to values and cultural differences that are an integral part of successful communication. Our key accounts see us as a partner who provides solutions and much more than language training. Together with our clients we create new service concepts and improve the current ones. If your organisation regularly invests in language training, you will benefit from contacting us.

Galimatias Concept Ltd offers training in communication and organisational culture for business and government in over 30 languages.

We provide translation and localisation services and specialise in technical manuals.

We offer our clients added value, cost and time saving concepts.

We are responsible for language and internationalisation training in several organisations in Finland and we are one of the leading companies in our sector.

We provide cost-efficient solutions for successful activities both nationally and internationally. We have collaborators in Sweden, Russia, England, Germany, France, Malta, Poland and our network is expanding.

The word Galimatias means gibberish, or small talk and exists also as an ancient word in the English language. Galimatias Concept Ltd was established in Helsinki, Finland in 1996 by Mr François Bergeron a trainer and translator from Montréal, Canada and Ms Therese Söderman, MEd, from Finland.


Galimatias offers language training aligned with the strategy and demands of the client organisation as well as with the students' levels and needs.

Our training is goal-directed and individually tailored for the specific needs of our clients. The course administration, our Extranet-service Galinet is an efficient on-line system provided for our clients.

Our courses cover a wide spectrum from language courses for beginners to highly specialised instruction in advanced terminology for skilled professionals and executives. We offer advanced seminars in communication skills and media training. Distance learning and efficient internet-based courses in different languages are also possible. We have an extensive on-line material database. We also offer courses aiming at international language examinations such as Cambridge, IELTS or the Finnish National Certificates of Language Proficiency.

We support learning through oral and written exercises, simulated work situations and teamwork. Our areas of expertise are oral communication, customer service, business, finance, law, HR, IT, technology, environment, construction, industry, insurance, entrepreneurship, presentation and negotiation skills, sales, marketing, advertising, design, education, written skills and advanced grammar. Finnish courses for foreigners consist of one of our main fields of activity for foreigners employed in Finland. We also offer longer integration training for immigrants (see below).

Our trainers have a university degree, pedagogical proficiency or TEFL-studies (Teaching English as a Foreign Language) as well as several years experience in training adults. We have over 60 trainers in the Helsinki region and over 100 trainers all over Finland. According to our quality evaluations, the quality of Galimatias' training is above 4 on the scale 1 to 5, where 5 means excellent.

We tailor the training to fit the activities and targets of the client organisation:

1. Needs analysis - We analyse the training needs of the organisation and the students.
2. Level testing - We test the starting level of the students using our online level test, corresponding to the European Union A1-C2 scale.
3. Target - We define the targets and present our concept for a successful training process.
4. Course plan - We make a training programme based on the length of the training periods, targets and needs.
5. Quality evaluation - We regularly evaluate the quality of training and maintain a close relationship with the client organisations.
6. Progress - We keep track of the student attendance and learning results on our client specific Extranet-database. The client has access to this information.


Galimatias internationalisation training is designed for businesses and organisations already established abroad or planning to enter new global market areas.

The aim is to give an understanding of a specific geographical market area related to the activities of the business or organisation, to culture, politics and basic values. The training comprises organisational culture, leadership, personnel development or negotiations.

Our lecturers and trainers are experts in their areas with a solid educational background and extensive experience. Training will encompass lectures and workshops designed specifically for a certain organisation, open courses and seminars for participants from different companies or Internet-based training, or a combination of the above.


Since 2013, Galimatias has been offering integration courses for immigrants. The integration training gives adult immigrants better opportunities to become part of the Finnish society.

During the training, which takes about one year, our students learn the Finnish language, communication skills as well as pick up civic and working life skills. A personal vocational plan is made for each student in the beginning of the training.

In the integration training we focus on language and functional learning with the aim of improving communication skills in different contexts.

The integration training for immigrants follows the guidelines of the Finnish National Board of Education.


Galimatias translation and revision services cover all languages. We translate technical manuals, annual reports, brochures, speeches, websites and topics related for example to marketing, IT, technology, science, construction, environment and education. We translate demanding legal and financial documents. 

Our translators hold academic degrees, they have several years of experience in translation and revision and good references. Our translators use technical solutions and translation software. Our client benefits from a quicker delivery and coherent terminology throughout the collaboration and partnership with Galimatias.


For information in English about Galimatias, our services and courses, please contact

Tiina Prauda, Account Manager, tiina.prauda@galimatias.fi mobile +358 (0)45 125 0080

Therese Söderman, President of the Board, therese.soderman@galimatias.fi, mobile +358 (0)40 534 9771


Our office is in Ruoholahti in the centre of Helsinki.

Welcome to Galimatias!